An Overview of Dasha, Gochara, and Drishti in Vedic Astrology

In order to understand how Hindu Astrology actually works or how predictions based on Vedic Astrology are done, you will have to understand a lot of things. In fact, Hindu Astrology / Vedic Astrology is a branch of Hindu Religion and Philosophy that involves a lot of theories and mathematical calculations. not possible to explain everything in one article, however, in this article we are trying to explain what Dasha, Gocharas, and Drishti are and how these things influence events in people life.

Dasha: The Planetary Periods

Dasha is a Sanskrit word which literally means “the state of being.” In Vedic Astrology, Dasha is interpreted as the Planetary Periods that govern the state of being of an individual. Since Dasha is basically planetary period, during the Dasha, a certain planet becomes active. This planet takes control over the mind of the individual as well as influence the events in his/her life. The 9 planets of Hindu Astrology all create Dashas in an individual life. During the dasha period an individual acts according to the nature of these planets. Some dashas are supposed to bring good results and some dshas are said to being bad results in an individual life. Which dasha is good and which Dasha is bad depends on the position of planets on your birth chart during the time of the birth. Dasha not only occurs for planetary periods but aso for zodiac signs.

There are different kind of systems to determine dashas in Hindu Asrology. The most common system is Vimshottari Dasha System. Dashas also have many subdividions. For instance, the Maha-Dasha is equally divided into two differen periods called bhukti and antar-dasha. Antar-dasha is further divided into pratyantar-dasha and the again into sookshma-antardasa.

Gochara: The Transit of Planets

Bith chart also called a natal chart is one of the important aspects of Vedic Astrology. The birth chart has 12 houses and the 12 houses show 9 planets placed according to their position when the person was born. However, planets are not stationary and they continue to move and change positions in the Zodiac. The movements of planets interact with their original placement in the birth chart. The events and happenings in the life of an individual depend on where planets are placed at the time of birth and what is their current position. The movement of planets in the Zodiac and the interaction with the planets in the birth chart is called Gochara. The Sanskrit Word Gochara is literally translated as transit, therefore, Gochara in Astrology is the transit of the planet in the Zodiac and how they interact with birth chart planets. Gochara is the period of interaction. The interaction is between the planets positioned in the birth chart and the planets in transit in the Zodiac. Some planets transit quickly, and some planets transit rather slowly. For example, Moon, Mercury, and Venus transit quickly and Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu transit slowly.

Drishti: The Aspects of Planets

Drishti is a Sanskrit word that is translated as sight. According to Hindu Astrology, each of the 12 houses in the birth chart has its own ruling planet and the planets positioned on the different houses are said to throw sight to other houses. This sight is referred to as drishti or aspects of planets. Interestingly, the planets throw dristhi only forward and the aspect is more effective on the farthest house. Let say Mars is positioned on the second house. According to Astrology theory, Mars aspect fourth, seventh, and eighth house. If Mars is on the second house, the 4th, 7th, and 8th houses from the second house (where Mars is situated) are aspected by Mars. The aspect like this creates favorable and unfavorable results in an individual life.

Not just planets, even the Zodiac signs also cast aspects. However, planetary aspects are considered more important while doing interpretation horoscope. Just like transit of planets, zodiac signs also transit. The changing zodiac signs aspect the zodiac sign on the birth chart.

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