Hindu Astrology and Marriage

Hindu astrology has two functions, one to calculate planetary positions, movements, celestial happenings, weather etc; and another function is for making predictions in a person like according to planets positions and movements. The first category is called Mathematical Astrology, or Ganit Jyotish, and second category is called predictive astrology or falit Jyotish. Falit jyotish or predictive astrology is used in Nepal and India and in the places where Hindu reside to make predictions on career, finance, marriage etc. Interestingly, in Hindu families in India and Nepal massages still happen only after astrological consultation.

What does Hindu astrology actually tells about marriage? What are the factors that determine marriage according to Vedic astrology?

Hindu marriages are not only performed according to the rituals mentioned in the Vedas but also try to follow the matchmaking based on the Astrological viewpoint mentioned in the Vedas, basically the vedanga Jyotish. Vedic astrology tries to ensure that the relationship lasts until death, thus it tries to analyze whether the personality, behavior, relationship, etc, of the bride and groom, are compatible. These compatibility tests are to ensure that the personality between the man and woman matches, they love unconditionally, and their relationship continues smoothly until death.

In Hindu Astrology, relationship predictions are based on the analysis of houses that are related to marriage, spouse, and family. The analysis is entirely depended on the planets sitting on the house and their strength (whether the planet is ascendant or descendant). The predictions are also based on the relationship between the sitting planet and the planetary lord of the house. While Hindu astrology can predict almost all kinds of relationships such as as relationship with parents, siblings, kids, in this article we are mainly focusing on the relationship with the spouse.

For the matchmaking purpose, Hindu astrology checks the placement of planets in the birth charts of bride and groom which is referred to as Kundalini Milan. Astrology also recommends Rashi Milan or Zodiac compatibility test. The most important matrimonial checks in Hindu astrology is probably Guna Milan.

Here are some other things to look for determining marriage according to Vedic astrology:

The Planetary cycles or dashas in the man and woman’s birth chart, most importantly cycle of Venus and Jupiter. When marriage occurs during the dashas or cycle of Venus and Jupiter, it is believed that the marriage will last long. Dashas of Venus and Jupiter are considered to bring good results in a man and woman.

The seventh house in the birth chart of a man and woman should have planets that bring good luck to marriage or are favorable to the relationship. The seventh house is associated with marriage and relationship and the lord of this house is Venus. Since Venus is the lord of marriage, it is generally believed that the marriage is long lasting and good when Venus is in its own house (the 7th house) or placed in the 1st, 5th, and the 9th house.

There will be problems in marriage or problematic relationships when there are Mars afflictions. Mars affliction means Mars sitting on the house of marriage (7th house) or combining with the lord of marriage (venus), or sitting in 2nd, 4th, 8th, or 12th house. Vedic Astro Solution suggests that for a person having Mars affliction, he/she should only marry with the person having Mars affliction.

Mars affliction also occurs when Mars and Saturn jointly sit in any house. Person having Mars and Saturn in the same house will have short term marriages.

Venus is the karaka for a relationship, in other words, Venus causes the relationship to happen. However, other planets like Jupiter, Moon, or Mercury also effect relationship. Therefore, marriage last long when these planets are well placed in the birth chart.

Is it possible to predict when marriage occurs, according to Vedic?

According to Vedic astrology, the first house represents you and the seventh house represents your spouse. Planets sitting on the first and the seventh house will tell you what kind of marriage you will have, either it is long-lasting, short term, problematic, etc. Hindu astrologer always checks the planets in the first and seventh house of a man and woman who are supposed to get married.

Likewise, the second house is associated with family and the eleventh house is related to the fulfillment of desire. If favorable planets are placed in these houses of the man and woman who are getting married, the marriage will last long.

While only an experienced astrologer can give you proper suggestions on marriage and whether the person you are getting married will be good to you or not, you can still analyze your marriage based on aforementioned features in your birth chart.

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  1. If everything explained in this article is true, I guess, we can know a lot of things about ourselves, even foresee what’s going to happen in the future. I am not married yet and I am quite interested in knowing about marriage, for example when I will get married, what kind of man my husband would be, would he be rich etc.

  2. Looks like reading a horoscope is very complicated profess as you need to remember a lot of things. By the way how did they decide which house in the birth house signify or represent certain aspect. For example, how did they decide 7th house is the house for spouse.

  3. When I was getting married father insisted on matching horoscope. I did not like his idea, however, I couldn’t refuse. I don’t regret.

  4. I am trying to learn Hindu astrology, moatly about finance, health, and relationship. Thia article mention a lot of things that I did not know.

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