How a Hindu Astrological Chart is Interpreted

Different Types of Horoscope

The birth chart, or the Kundali as it is called in the Vedic Astrology, can be drawn in various ways. The different kinds of kundali, or birth charts, have different purposes. One of the most popular types of Kundali is called Lagna Kundali, or the Ascendant Birth Chart. In Ascendant Birth Chart, the Zodiac sign on the first house of the birth chart becomes Ascendant and the remaining Zodiac signs are serially placed second through twelfth houses. For example, if Leo is positioned on the first house at the time of birth, the Ascendant will be Leo and hence the birth chart is referred to as Leo Ascendant Birth Chart. When Leo is in the first house, Virgo will be in the second house, and the third house will be the house of Libra.

Ascendant birth chart or Lagna Kundali is the most popular type of birth chart used in Predictive Astrology. Ascendant birth chart not only shows the position of zodiac symbols in 12 houses but also the placement of planets in 12 houses. Readings of the Ascendant birth chart are based on the position of zodiac signs with respect to the placement of planets in each house. Let’s say, Sun is in the first house and the Ascendant Zodiac sign is Aries. The effect of the Sun in this type of birth chart will always be different when sun is placed on the same house but the Ascendant is different, for example, Libra. The same position of planets will create different results when the Ascendant is different.

Another type of birth chart is called Navamsha Kundali. This type of birth chart shows the strength of planets in each house. While Ascendant birth chart show placement of planets in each house, Nvamsha chart shows how powerful or weak these planets are. In other words, Navamsha chart shows whether the planets are exalted, or debilitated. Thus, a proper way to analyze a person’s horoscope is by reading both Ascendant chart as well as Navamsha chart.

Hindu Birth Chart Interpretation

Drawing a birth chart is a complicated process. It involves mathematical calculations to understand the position of planets as seen from the earth. Likewise, interpreting a birth chart is also very mathematical because it requires understanding the planetary cycles in 27 different constellations (nakshatra). In order to draw and interpret the birth chart, Hindu astrologers follow a set of formulas that are mentioned in various ancient texts on Hindu astrology. The mathematical calculations follow these formulas.

In order to ease the complications related to calculations, people have also created software and computer programs. Astrology software and programs are so easy to use that anyone that can use a computer can create a birth chart. All you have to do is enter the date of birth, time of birth, and the place of birth, and within a few seconds, your birth chart is easily generated.

Just like there are formulas to create a birth chart, there are also formulas for birth chart predictions. The ancient texts on Hindu astrology clearly mention the ruling planet and the ruling zodiac sign of each house. Hindu astrology texts also mention what each of these houses stands for and what aspects they govern. There are formulas for what happens when a certain planet is placed in a certain house, or what happens when the planet in a certain house is ascendant or descendant.

Just like Astrology software and programs are programmed to create a birth chart, these computer programs are also programmed to interpret the birth chart. These programs are coded according to the formulas mentioned in the ancient texts.

Even though computer programs have eased the work for the astrologer be it a birth chart creation or birth chart interpretation, however, we cannot undermine the role of an expert astrologer in drawing and interpreting the birth chart. Human intelligence can always surpass artificial intelligence.

How a Birth chart is Interpreted

While the placement of planets during the time of birth is taken into consideration while drawing the birth chart, planetary cycles in relation to the position of planets at the time of birth are taken into considerations while interpreting a birth chart. The birth chart is based on the date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Two people born on the same date and time but in different places will have different planetary positions in the birth chart. Even the slightest difference in minutes and seconds will create different birth charts.

The Planets, Zodiac Signs and 12 Houses

There are 12 houses in the birth chart representing 12 zodiac signs. These 12 houses also have a ruling planet and govern different body parts and different aspects of life such as finance, relationship, career etc. In order to interpret the birth chart, you not only need to know which house represents or govern what but also understand how the planets and the aspects of different houses relate to each other. Sun is the lord of the first house, the first house also governs your personality. However, what if there is Mars in the first house. Predictions for this person will be different. Let us say Sun is in its own house in a birth chart of a certain person. In order to interpret this birth chart, we should also see whether the sun is ascendant or descendant. The interpretations require understanding the intricacies of the relationship between the different planets and houses.

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  1. Is there any explanation on why the first house is for body, fourth for mother or seventh for desire? I mean how did they determine which housw rules which aspect of life?

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