How Moon Affects Your Career and Personality

Moon is the planet that gives you creativity and artistic qualities. Nevertheless, there are various factors that decide whether the Moon is favorable for you or unfavorable.

Is the moon exalted (powerful)?

Is the moon debilitated (weak)?

Is the moon in the first, fifth or ninth house (trikona)?

Is the moon in the first, fourth, or seventh house (kendra)?

Has any maleficent planet afflicted the moon?

Has any beneficent planet aspected the moon?

Interestingly, all of these things can be spotted on the Lagna Kundali and Navamsha Kundali.

Effects of Moon on a Person Based on the Vedic Astrology

People ruled by the moon (moon placed favorable and exalted) are very emotional and sensitive. They are too much attached to the people around them, their perceptions, decisions, and language are emotion-driven. Based on the position of the moon on the birth chart, the person will be attached to the things represented by the various houses. For example, the fifth house is reserved for children, and it then the moon is positioned on the fifth house, the person will be very much connected with his/her kids, might even possessive. Likewise, if the moon is on the fourth house, which represents the mother, the person will be emotionally connected with his/her mother. The seventh house is for the spouse, and if the moon is in the seventh house, the person will be very attached to the spouse.

Moon people are fun-loving people, they are jolly in nature. They are also great story tellers. Thus, they become great writers. They love music, poetry. If these people cannot deliver what they want to deliver, they become emotionally supercharged, they might even fool hurt. Likewise, people who have moon placed favorably in the horoscope never hurt people, respect elders, and do emotion-driven expenditure.

Moon represents your mind, your mental statues, thinking process, foreign travel, foreign opportunities, blames, misunderstandings, and conflicts. Moon makes people great speakers, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, soft-spoken, and sympathetic. People ruled by Moon are good with software related works, wear housing business, salesman, etc.  These people also made money with real estate.

Moon in the 12 Different Houses of the Vedic Birth Chart

Placement of the moon in the different houses determines the actual effects on the Moon in one’s life. The analysis presented here is mainly burrowed from Bhrigu Samhita, the first comprehensive book on Predictive Astrology, written by sage Bhrigu, and Parasara Hora Shastra written by sage Parasara.

Moon in the First House

The first house is all about your personality and characteristics. Moon placed in the first house makes people very sensitive, gives great mental strength, people are able to become successful irrespective of challenges and problems. These people are also intellectual and are able to think out of the box. When the moon is in the first house the person will be very handsome/beautiful, however, he/she will also be mentally unstable. Placement of the moon in the first house also makes a person prone to diseases. The person will be pleased with water-based activities like swimming, sailing, etc. The person also travels a lot during his lifetime, for jobs, might even change house. If the Ascendant is Aries, Taurus, or Cancer, Moon is exalted and the person will be very knowledgeable. He/she will be wealthy, happy, communicative, soft-spoken, and very caring in nature. Interestingly, the person also undergoes through mood swings. If the moon is aspected by beneficence, the person will be very powerful in terms of physical strength and position. When the moon is afflicted with maleficent planets, the person will have bad health.

Moon in the Second House

The second house is reserved for finance, wealth, tangible and intangible assets you accumulate in life. The second house also tells about your childhood. Moon in the second house makes a person healthy, handsome, beautiful, charming. These people have a great interest in arts and music. They make money through traveling, get better opportunities abroad, or even settle in foreign countries. If Moon is aspected by Jupiter, the person is also fond of learning foreign languages.

Moon in the Third House

The third house symbolizes communication, networking, short distance travel, siblings, especially younger siblings. When the moon is positioned in the third house, the person is very good at networking, is very communicative, will get a lot of support from the community, also act as a leader of the community. During the moon planetary period, these people achieve a lot of success, gain a lot of money, and do a lot of traveling. These people might be successful in import and export business.

Moon in the Fourth House

The fourth house is house of real estate, comfort, and relationship with mother. When the moon is in the fourth house, mother of this person will be a role model and he/she will get a great support from mother.

Moon in the Fifth House

The fifth house is for love, romance, and education. When the moon placed in the fifth house, the person will be born in a rich family, will have a pleasant personality. Moon being the beneficent planet and the placement of a beneficent planet in the fifth house augurs well for the person. Kids of this person will also become very successful in life. Children will be benefitted well during the moon planetary period. Moon being the planet of beauty, the position of the moon in the fifth house makes a person beautiful and handsome. These people also have a great taste for music, excel well in the medical profession, become great educationists, politicians, or will be besotted on a government job.

Moon in the Sixth House

The sixth house is for litigation, enemies, diseases, and competition. A person who has the moon placed in the sixth house in his horoscope goes through a heavy competition, has secret enemies, face health issues especially mental disorders like depression and anxiety. If the moon on the sixth house receives beneficent aspects from other planets, the person will be able to fight diseases and his immune system will also be good. In case the moon receives Rahu or Ketu aspects, the person will face mood swings, depression, anxiety during moon planetary period (Moon mahadasha and anter dasha)

Moon in the Seventh House

The seventh house is the house of marriage, spouse, partners, business partners, and legal partnership. Moon in the seventh gives a person a loyal and supportive spouse, partners, or business partners.  Spouse will be beautiful, handsome, charming, and come from a rich family. These people also get opportunities to travel to foreign countries and gain from the real estate business.

Moon in the Eighth House

The eighth house is the house of health issues, bank loans, in-laws, sudden up and downs. Moon in the eighth house gives a sudden gain to a person especially during major planetary period (mahadasha) and minor planetary period (anter-dasha). When moon is exalted, the person also has a long life. However, when the moon is aspected by Rahu or Ketu, the person faces mental disorders, other health issues, and also sudden downfall in career. The exalted moon on the eighth house gives favourable results whereas debilitated moon gives unfavourable results.

Moon in the Ninth House

The ninth house is the house of fortune, efforts, rewards for your efforts, recognition of your hard work, blessings from ancestors, foreign travel, especially long-distance travel. This is also the house of past karma especially good karma from your past life. Moon in the ninth house brings luck through spouse, children, and career. During the moon planetary period, these people have a great career and also succeed with business.

Moon in the Tenth House

The tenth house is for carer, profession, business, and social status. Moon in the tenth house gives career stability, and makes successful in business especially import and export business, liquid business (dairy, wine, coffee, tea), hospitality industry, insurance. Professions for these people will involve a lot of travelling, they will also be changing their profession frequently. They become very successful, especially during moon planetary period.

Moon in the Eleventh House

The eleventh house is the house of wealth through foreign travel, trade, foreign opportunities. People having moon in the eleventh house will accumulate a lot of wealth during the moon planetary period. The eleventh house is the house of incoming gains, therefore, these people might make a lot of money after marriage, they also change their residences frequently.

Moon in the Twelfth House

The twelfth house is the house for foreign settlements, losses, expenses, spirituality, enlightenment. Moon in the twelfth will create a lot of opportunities. If moon is exalted, these people settle in foreign land, make a lot of money in stock market. People also become great writers because the twelfth house also relates to writing skill. If maleficent planet aspect the twelfth house ,the person will face disappointments and difficulties. Moon when sits with Rahu/Ketu or aspected by Saturn, it will bring losses and expenses especially during the Moon planetary period.

Moon Placements that are Harmful

People having moon in the sixth, eighth and twelfth have to do remedies for moon. Since moon represents mind, people experience instability in money, career, business, jobs when moon is debilitated or sits with maleficent planets or is aspected by maleficent planets. When moon is debilitated in the fourth and eleventh, or let say moon is weak in these houses, people will face issues in family life. Debilitated moon in the seventh house will create problems in relationship. Depending on the placement and strength, effects of moon will vary. When moon is weak in the second and twelfth, you will have problems with saving money. In order to get favourable results moon should be strong. When moon is exalted you can become a great adviser or counsellor, can even do well in business and the arts.  

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