How Sun Influences Your Career and Social Position According to Hindu Astrology

Sun in the Various Houses of the Birth Chart

Broadly speaking, placement of the Sun in your Vedic birth chart is entirely dependent on your birth timing.  The Sun might be placed in the first or twelfth, in case you were born around 6 in the morning. For those who are in the late afternoon or early evening, Sun might be positioned in the sixth, seventh, or eighth house. The best position of Sun will give you power, position, and success, mainly in the first, fifth or tenth.

Sun is a beneficent planet, however, the position of the sun in the birth chart, sun’s combination with other planets in different houses, aspect, transit etc. actually tell how Sun is going to be for you. When Sun sits with Mars, it will create favorable results in one’s life, whereas the sun sitting with Saturn will create unfavorable results. Similarly, when Sun is seated in the first house, it gives favorable results, however, when it is in the sixth house, Sun will create bad effects for a person. The readings of Sun, or other planets for that matter, in the same house, differ according to the Ascendant (Zodiac in the first house), therefore, first house Sun when the ascendant is Aries and first house sun when ascendant is Taurus are entirely different situations.

Effects of Sun in Human Beings Life

Sun represents authority, power, and strength. Sun is associated with government and politics. When Sun is placed favorably in your horoscope and you have a business, your business will flourish. Sun represents you, the placement of Sun tells what exactly you want in life.

Sun in the First House

Sun aspects 7th house. In other words, Sun not only influences the house where it is placed but also the 7th house from its placement. When Sun is in the first house, it aspects 7th house, which is the house for marriage, relationship, and spouse. The person who has Sun in the first house will have authority over the spouse, might even play a dominating role in the relationship. How the spouse is going to be like and what kind of relation the person will have depends on which planet sits on the 7th house. Sun in the 7h house will create a good relationship, however, the person will be slightly dominating. This dominating aspect will also be there when the Sun is in the first house. The first house sun aspect the 7th house, therefore, in condition like this there will be friction between the partners. Contrarily, when Jupiter aspects Sun, the dominating aspect of Sun will be minimized.

Sun in the Second House

The second house represents your possession and wealth. Sun being a beneficent plant and when placed in the second house, the house of money, wealth, and possession, the person will make a lot of money and will be very rich.

Sun in the Third House

 The person will be a great communicator. Sun in the third house will also make a person very harsh. Since these people are harsh and speak rudely, other people will always misjudge them. Third house is associated with communication and Sun in the third house will make the person a great communicator. But Sun being fire element, this person speaks harshly.

Sun in the Fourth House

When Sun is in the fourth house, the person will have a good family as the fourth house is the house associated with family. Fourth house also represents real estate. Therefore, Sun in the fourth house brings lot of gains in real estate and property.

Sun in the Fifth House

The fifth house is for children, education, and happiness. When Sun is in the fifth house, the person will have a good education, will be very educated. The fifth house is the second house in the Trikon (a combination of the first, fifth, and ninth house). These houses are referred to as Dharma Trikon, meaning you will be given duties and responsibilities towards life. The fifth house is also responsible for creativity, intelligence, strategy, expression. The fifth house is generally referred to as the house of your past karma, especially good karma of past life. Having Sun in this house means you will be given everything the Sun represents. This will make the person have a clear vision in his life, he knows well what he wants to achieve in life. Sun represents the father figure and the fifth house is the house for kids. Therefore, the person who has Sun in the fifth house will have a deep bonding with kids, and his kids will noble values and life also live a successful life. Interestingly, Sun is also responsible for ego, therefore, the person is very likely to be egoistic if it is afflicted by maleficent planets.    

Sun in the Sixth House

Generally speaking, Sun in the sixth house will not bring favorable results. The person who has Sun in the sixth house will have secret enemies, who will gossip and always try to bring his down or stop from becoming successful. Sun in the sixth house will also create health issues. When Sun is in the sixth house, people will have to do remedy for the Sun so that the adverse effects are minimized.

Sun in the Seventh House

When Sun is placed in the seventh house, which is the house for marriage and relationship, the person will have a good relationship with spouse. However, Sun being commanding in nature, the person also tends to be commanding and authoritative in relationship and also while dealing with family matters. The spouse of this person, in the other hand, will have high expectations, still the person will be able to fulfil his/her spouse’s expectations.

Sun in the Eighth House

The eighth house augurs well for Sun. When the sun is positioned in the Eighth house, the person will see growth in business and promotion in jobs, mainly during the planetary cycle of the sun. This person will excel in any chosen profession.

Sun in the Ninth House

Sun in the ninth house does not bring favorable results as the person having Sun on the ninth house is considered to have ancestors’ affliction (Pitre dosha). Therefore, in order to be obliterated from ancestor affliction, one has to perform rituals for ancestors. The ninth house represents good luck, sadly, ninth house is not a good place for the sun. The person having the Sun in the ninth house and when the ninth house sun is aspected by Rahu or Ketu, will have ill health. The person is also likely to experience set back in business or career.

Sun in the Tenth House

Tenth house is for career, profession, occupation, reputation, status, and Sun in the tenth house provides a solid career growth, the person will witness a great expansion in occupation. If the person is running a family business, he will excel well in the business. For a person who has Sun in the tenth house, father will be very supportive as Sun is always associated with father figure. When Sun is placed in the tenth house, the person will have leadership roles.

Sun in the Eleventh House

Placement of Sun in the eleventh house brings a lot of wealth, financial gains as the eleventh house is related to incoming wealth gains. This person will also have foreign connection or might be expanding his business internationally.

Sun in the Twelfth House

When Sun is in the twelfth house, the person is likely to be very spiritual and knowledgeable. Sun placed on the twelfth house will make the person great writers, poets, thinkers, wise person. The twelfth house is for knowledge, as well as loss, disappointments, suppression. However, Sun in the twelfth house provides a great oratory skill.

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