How Vedic Astrology Can Help You Find About Your Career

Hindu astrology is predictive astrology, it is mainly used to predict events and happenings in the universe as well as human life. While accurate predictions can only be made by learned and experienced astrologers, if you know some basic aspects of Hindu astrology, you can yourself read your birth chart and know certain things about your life. In this article, we will focus on how to learn more about your career, occupation, job, or profession. Whether you are yet to join the job market or have already started to work, or not satisfied with your profession and want to make a switch, this article will help you understand what career option suits you.

In order to learn about your career and profession according to Vedic astrology, you need to know some basic things about Vedic astrology, such as:

The Vedic birth chart

Attributes of 12 houses in the birth chart

Ruling planets of 12 houses

Sitting planets of 12 houses, etc.

How to Learn About Your Career According to Hindu Astrology

Here are some of the things you should analyze in your birth chart to find about your career and profession

The tenth house is for occupation, career, success, promotion. The lord of this house is Saturn. The sitting planet on this house determines your career, profession, and success. Likewise, the second house is related to wealth, the sitting planet in this house determines your financial position. The lord of the second house is Venus. Similarly, the sixth house is reserved for enemies and worries. The lord of the sixth house is Mercury If the planet in this house os powerful, it will be very difficult to succeed in your chose career. Actually, the second, sixth, and the tenth houses are generally referred to as the Wealth triangle and about our career, profession, success, and financial position in life.

If the sitting planet in the tenth house is Sun, Saturn or/and Moon, and these planets are strong or ascendant, you will be well established in your profession. Compare the sitting planet in the sixth and tenth house. If the planet in the sixth house is strong, your career will be a job, and if the planet in the tenth house is strong, you will have an independent career, possibly a business.

The eleventh house is very important in determining your career or professional success. The eleventh house is the house of profits and gains. If you have favorable planets in this house and the planets are strong, you will be successful in your chosen career field.

There are a lot of other factors that need to be analyzed in order to find about your profession and success. For example, you should also understand how a certain house connects with another house, or how a certain planet reacts with another planet. For instance, a good combination between the tenth house (the house for a career) and the eleventh house (house for gains) will help you gain status and position.

Factors That Determines Your Career and Profession

Your career and profession are not only determined by the sitting planets but also the planetary cycles called dasha. Which career you will choose, whether you will become successful in your chosen career or not, whether you will become an employee or own a business, everything will be determined according to the planetary cycles. Even the switching of the profession is determined by the planetary cycles.

The common house combinations and the career field are as follows:

  • Second house + eleventh house = Accounting/Finance
  • tenth house + eleventh house = Administration
  • First house + sixth house + tenth house + eleventh house = Politics
  • Fourth house + fifth house + ninth house = Teaching
  • Fifth house + eighth house + twelfth = Actor/Artist
  • First house + sisth house = Medicine/Doctor
  • Sixth + eighth + twelfth = Law

Not just the combination of different house, but also the combination of houses with a certain planets also affect the career options, for example:

  • Seventh house + eighth house + twelfth house + Mars = Military/Paramilitary/Policeman/Security Personnel
  • Tenth house + eleventh house + Sun/Moon = High Ranking in Government Job
  • Sixth + eighth + twelfth + Jupiter/Venus = Court/Judge
  • Third house + ninth house + twelfth house + cycle of Mars + Ascendant Moon = Pilot/Air Force

The combinations of houses can also tell you about whether you can be successful or not, for example:

  • Second house + sixth house + tenth house + eleventh house = very successful in career and profession.
  • Fifth house + sixth house + eighth house + twelfth house = loss and misery

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  1. Since this article uses a lot of Indian terms, it is very difficult to understand this article for non Indians. However, I personally feel that this topic is very interesting. What do you nees ig you want an Indian astrologer to read your horoscope.

  2. Based on astrological prediction my father, a hobbyist astrologer, suggested that I should study economy. I am a blogger now.

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