Money and Wealth According to Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology can help you understand whether money and wealth will favor you or not. Based on the position of the planets in your birth chart and the planetary cycles, Vedic astrology can predict about money and wealth in your life.

What are the factors that determine money and wealth in your life? In other words, which planets can help you earn money well and make you rich, or which house in your birth chart tells about your finance?

Houses for Money, Wealth and Prosperity

The following houses in the birth chart tells about your money, wealth, finance, investment, income, benefits, and gains.

The second house is for wealth and savings.

The eight house is related to inheritance wealth (money you receive from your parents, in-laws etc)

The eleventh house is dedicated to income.

The fifth and ninth houses are called Laxmi sthan, or the abode of Laxmi, Hindu Goddesss of wealth and money. These houses help you to check wealth and prosperity.

Planets for Money, Wealth and Prosperity

Jupiter is considered one of the main indicators of money, wealth, and prosperity. However, in order to benefit from Jupiter, it should be ascendant or strong and placed in the second, fifth, ninth and eleventh houses.

Moon also plays a significant role in determining financial stability in your life. If the Moon is ascendant and is in the second house, the person will be financially stable. However, a combination of Moon-Mars in the second house brings poverty and miseries.

Another planet that determines money, wealth, prosperity, income, gains, benefits etc. is Venus. There is a popular saying amongst Vedic astrologers that Jupiter rules millionaires whereas Venus rules billionaires. Venus is the planet for wealth and prosperity and is the lord of the second house, which is also the house for wealth. Venus placed in the second house (its own house) i.e. the house of wealth signifies a lot of money. Venus in the fifth, ninth, and eleventh house also beings wealth. Venus not only gives you wealth and prosperity, but also gives you vehicle, house, comfort, luxuries, cash, and jewelry. If Venus is placed in the 12th house, you will live a comfortable life with a house, car, and cash.

The combination of Jupiter and Venus is referred to as dhan-yoga, literally sum of wealth. It does not matter in which house the combination of Jupiter and Venus are placed, this condition will bring you a lot of money and wealth in your life.

After reading which houses and which planets bring you money and wealth, you might also be wondering what kind of planetary positions and cycles will bring you poverty or create difficulty in wealth accumulation. If Venus and Jupiter are weak or descendant, it is very likely that you will not earn much. Jupiter, when placed in the sixth and twelfth house, signifies poverty. Likewise, when Saturn is weak or descendant and is placed in an improper house, you are also likely to suffer from lack of wealth all your life.

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