Relation Predictions According to Hindu Astrology

Hindu Astrology can predict almost anything from solar and lunar eclipse, planetary alignment, weather, or even status of relationship and finance in human beings’ life. In fact, a lot of people in India and Nepal look upon Vedic/Hindu Astrology for advice on relationship, marriage, career, finance, money, wealth, etc. In this article, we will discuss relationship predictions according to the Hindu astrological point of view.

House for Relationship, Marriage and Family

According to Hindu Astrology, the seventh house is the house for the spouse. The seventh house tells about your relationship, marriage, married life, and the nature of your spouse. The ruler of the seventh house is Venus. The sitting planet of the seventh house and the relationship it has with the ruling planet, i. e. Venus decides you the kind of spouse, partner, wife you will have. Likewise, the second house in the birth chart is dedicated to family. Interestingly, the ruling planet of the second house is also Venus.

Planets for Relationship, Marriage and Family

Since the ruling planet of the second and the seventh house that are related to family life and relationship, is Venus, Venus is the planet for a relationship, marriage, and family life. If Venus is ascendant and sitting in its own house, ie. second or the seventh house, your spouse will be loving and caring, and you will enjoy marital bliss and have a fantastic family life. Instead of Venus, if unfavorable planets like Mars sits in the second or seventh house, you will have problems in your relationship, conjugal life, or family life. Therefore, the planets sitting on the seventh house decides the nature of your spouse, kind of relationship, and marred life; likewise, the sitting planet in the second house tells about your family life.

Relationship and marriage can be predicted by the following factors:

  1. The seventh house
  2. Lord of the seventh house
  3. Venus
  4. The sitting planet in the seventh house from the placement Moon
  5. The sitting planet in the seventh house from the placement of Venus

While Venus is the planet for love, relationship, marriage, and family life, Saturn and Mars that can create problems in love, relationship, marriage and family life. If Venus is afflicted by Saturn or mars, or both, you will be denied a good relationship or experience delay in marriage.

Predictions of Problematic Relationship and Denial of Marriage

There are a lot of possibilities in a relationship and these possibilities are determined by various astrological combinations. Let’s analyze each of these possibilities in a relationship and marriage.

  1. Delay in marriage
  2. Denial of marriage
  3. Marriage without any marital bliss
  4. Relationship without marriage
  5. Social obstruction to marriage (sexual reference, gender identity issue, etc)
  6. Asceticism (celibacy)

Here are some planetary combinations for the aforementioned possibilities related to problematic relationship or denial of marriage:

Venus is in the eighth house and is influenced by Mercury or Saturn

The seventh house is under the influence of planets like Mars and Saturn which are unfavorable for marriage

Saturn is in the seventh or fifth house

Saturn or Mars are on the seventh house from the placement of Moon and Venus

Moon and Venus are afflicted by Mars and Saturn

Rahu is in the 7th house

The second and the seventh house and Venus under the bad influence of Saturn

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