Understanding Various Diseases Based on Hindu Astrology

Hindu Astrology is basically used to make predictions in human’s life. In order to make predictions, astrologers take references from the birth chart. Hindu Birth Chart is a square/rectangular shape geometrical figure consisting of 12 sections. Each of these sections called houses, or Bhavas as in Sanskrit, represents zodiac sign and ruling planets. For example, the first house is Aries and the ruling planet is Mars. The 12 houses also represent various human organs and body parts, for example, the first house represents the face and physical structure, the second house is for the right eye, tongue, and teeth. The house also governs various aspects of human life such as siblings, spouse, finance, career, etc. For example, the first house represents your entire life in general, the second house represents wealth, the third house is for siblings, etc.

The 12 houses in the birth chart, also called Kundali in Sanskrit, represent different parts and organs in a human body and also the disease associated with these organs and parts. Here is a list of 12 houses in a birth chart or horoscope and the body parts and organs associated with these 12 houses in a horoscope.

First House: The 1st house represents face, head, brain, appearance, complexion, longevity, vitality and total health.

Second House: The 2nd house represents right eye, teeth, gums, mouth, throat, neck, larynx, and gullet.

Third House: The 3rd house represents right ear, hands, arms, shoulder, and nerves.

Fourth House: The 4th house represents, chest, heart, lungs, breasts, stomach, elbow joints etc.

Fifth House: The 5th house represents heart, stomach, spine, liver, spleen etc.

Sixth House: The 6th house represents kidney, large intestine, colon, uterus, anus, and digestive system.

Seventh House: The 7th house represents lower back, glands, renal system, adrenals, buttocks, and private parts.

Eighth House: The 8tth house represents sex organs, pelvic, scrotum, ovaries, prostate, sex organs and venereal diseases.

Ninth House: The 9h house represent knees, thighs, hips, back, bones, hairs, joints etc.

Tenth House: The 10th house represents bones, joints and knees.

Eleventh House: The 11th house represents left ear, left arm, circulatory system, teeth, ankles, calves, legs etc.

Twelfth House: The 12th house represents feet, teeth, lymphatic system and left eye.

Which House in the Horoscope Represents Disease

In order to understand what kind of disease you might get, you need to know a couple of things, such as:

  • which house rules which organs and body parts,
  • which planet sits in which house,
  • which planet is the ruling planet of the houses representing various body parts and organs,
  • whether the sitting planet is malefic or favorable,
  • whether the sitting planet is ascending or descending,
  • the current planetary cycle, etc.

Apart from the connection between the sitting planet and the organs and body parts represented by each house, you also need to check three main houses to understand various diseases in a human being based on the Hindu astrology and horoscope.

The main houses that are associated with diseases are:

  • The sixth house (disease in general)
  • The seventh house (sexual disease)
  • The eighth house (chronic disease)

The diseases you have currently and diseases you might catch in the future can be understood by studying these three houses, viz: 6th, 7th, and 8th houses. However, you can also learn about the diseases of various organs by studying houses that represent various body parts and organs. For example, you can learn about your brain health by studying the 1st house, heart health by studying the 4th house, and so forth.

You also need to know the correlation between the sitting planets and the ruling planets to accurately predict the disease in an individual’s life.

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  1. wow, this is quite an interesting article. I never though astrology can predict things like health issues and diseases. By the way, can a Hindu astrologer actually tell me which disease I might catch later in the life?

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