What Does Vedic Astrology Say About Getting a Government Job

In a lot of countries, the government is a major job provider. The government need a lot of manpower for police service, military service, teaching service (in state-run schools, colleges, and universities), public service (roadways, railways, waterways, aviation, development projects, etc.), administrative service, etc. In order to hire people for various jobs, the government even has hiring agencies like public service commission, teachers service commission, police service commissions, etc.

Government is not only a major source of jobs, but also probably the best employer because government jobs promise better pay, better benefits, and of course financial and social security. For example, no one can fire you (unless you commit wrongs such as taking bribe), you receive provident funds, and after working for a fixed number of years, you are entitled to a pension plan. Therefore, for a lot of getting jobs in government service is the dream career. For this purpose, they study hard and excel in studies, and they continue to study hard so that they can pass exams for public service commission.

For some people getting government jobs look easier, however, for others despite a lot of hard work, getting a position in the government service sector is a distant dream. Why is that so? The answer likes in the planetary positions in your birth chart and planetary cycles in your horoscope.

What Determines Your Profession According to Vedic Astrology

The position of planets in various houses determines your profession. The most important things to watch are: which planets are in which house, whether the planets are ascendant or descendant, whether any particular planetary cycles (dashas, maha dadhas and anter-dashas) are running, whether there is any combination of planets, etc.

Planets That Helps You Get a Government Job

In order to find out whether you will get government job or not, you will have to check the following planets that are considered to influence your career, especially in the government sector.

Sun is a very important planet when it comes to determining your career in government jobs. Sun represents authority, personality, administrative capabilities. Thus, having a strong sun in the birth chart indicates that you have chances in government jobs.

Moon can also influence your career greatly. If moon is positioned well in your birth chart, you are also likely to get government jobs. However, moon can only give you lower positions.

Saturn is also very important planet in determining whether we are eligible for government jobs or not. If you are favored by Saturn you will be rewarded with government jobs provided you are interested in government jobs and work for it.

Mars, if placed favorably in the birth chart, can give you government jobs especially in military, paramilitary, and police.

Houses for Career and Profession

Generally speaking, the 10th house is a house that determines occupation, profession and career. The 10th house also represents success, dignity, reputation, and promotion. The planets that sit on the 10th house determines the kind of profession you will choose, whether you will succeed in your career or not. If the sitting planets in the 10th house are Sun, Mars or Saturn you are every likely to get government jobs. Actually, Saturn is the ruling planet of the 10th house and if Saturn is ascendant in the 10th house, you will have a good position in government jobs.

Apart from sitting planets in the 10th house, other houses that influence your career, especially in the government jobs, are second and the sixth. The second house is for wealth and the sixth house is for enemies and worries. These 3 houses make artha trikon, mean triangle of wealth. Your financial position and career are determined by the planets sitting in these three houses.

Another house that we need to watch while checking the chances of government jobs is the 11th house. Interestingly, lord of this house is Saturn (Saturn also rules 10th house). The 11th house signifies gains and profits. If you have favorable planets, you are likely to succeed in the chosen career.

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  1. I the last one year I am trying for government job. Based on what I have read here, I will try to check my birth chart and see whether I have any chances of getting a government job.

  2. I never thought about working for government. However, it would be interesting to lean astrological stand point on career and profession.

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