Which Planet or Planetary Combinations Can Cause You Fatal Disease

If you check online, or even offline, you will find a lot of blog posts, vlogs and articles on Astrological Point of View on Novel Coronavirus Disease or Covid-19. These blogs, vlogs and articles try to analyze the planetary position, planetary cycles, and planetary combination that caused the evolution of Coronavirus disease, how long will Covid-19 last, or when this pandemic ends.

In this article we are not trying to discuss transition of planets in the Zodiac signs and Nakshatra (constellation) that caused the evolution of Coronavirus disease. You can find a lot of analysis and predictions related to evolution and end of Covid-19 online of offline. In this article, we will discuss which planet or planetary combinations can cause Covid-19 or other similar fatal disease.

Since Covid-19 is a new disease, we don’t know yet how corona virus affect the human body. However, based on the symptoms we can simply say that corona virus is a respiratory disease. Corona virus affects lungs and respiratory system. Respiratory system is responsible for maintaining oxygen supply in the body. When the virus attacks the lungs, patient cannot breathe properly, thus there will be a poor supply of oxygen. This weakens the immune system and might even result in death.

In order to check whether a person is prone to Coronavirus in Astrological point of view, we need to see which planets are sitting on the houses that are related to lungs, immune system, disease, and life in general.

The fourth house is related to lungs and chest. Any planet sitting on this house will give you ideas on your lungs and chest health.

The sixth, seventh and eighth houses are related to the disease. The sixth house is related to disease in general, the seventh house is related to sexual disease and the eighth house is related to chronic disease. The sitting planets, aspects of planets sitting on these houses, and transits of planets to and from these houses give ideas on what kind of disease the person will have. The eighth house is also for death. Sitting planet or planetary combination on this house, or aspect and transits of planets on this house can tell whether the individual will die a natural death, or through accidents or disease. The eighth house not is not only related to chronic disease, mode of death but also related to life. This house can tell you how long you will live and whether you will live a healthy life or not.

Interestingly, the first house can also tell about your health in general because the first house is related to your body. Similarly, 3rd, 5th, 11th, and 12th houses can also tell about getting a disease. The third house symbolizes energy and courage to face difficulties, fifth house regaining health and energy, eleventh house recovery from illness and twelfth house is related to the treatment of disease, for instance, hospitalization etc.

All planets can give you a disease if they are placed in the wrong house or make a combination with unfavorable planets. However, the main causes of diseases are Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. If Saturn is wrongly placed, you will get a chronic disease, if you are afflicted by Rahu and Ketu, you will get a fatal disease such as coronavirus.

The Lords of the sixth house, the house for disease, are Mercury and Rahu. If the sitting planets are afflicted in this house, you will get a fatal disease such as Covid-19.

Beneficent Planets and Maleficent Planets

The planets in Vedic Astrology are also Vedic deities, Vedic Rishis (sages), and shadow deities. For example, Sun is Surya Deva, Moon is Chandra Deva, Mars is Mangal, Mercury is Budha, and Saturn is Sani Deva. Likewise, Venus is Rishi Shukra and Jupiter is Rishi Bhrihaspati. Rahu and Ketu are shadow deities. Rahu and Ketu are believed to be head and the body of a Demon Svarbhanu. Since the 9 planets determine the life an individual, Vedic astrology also recommends worshiping planets to appease them so that you are favored by the planets. The nine planets are interpreted as gods, demigods, or shadow gods. Each of these gods, demigods, and shadow gods can be appeased by chanting the ascribed mantras and performing ascribed rituals.

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  1. This article makes me want to check my horoscope to see wheather I am prone to any fatal disease. Thanka for writing and publishing this useful and interesting post.

  2. How accurate is Hindu astrology? I mean how much chances are there for prediction like possible cornavirus being correct? I would like to know more on this topic.

  3. After reading this article a question crossed in my mind. Who was that person who found out what planetary combination or whic planet in which house create that kind of results?

  4. For someone like me who has been raised in the rational world, accepting that astrology can predict fatal disease can be very hard. However, based on the explanations given in this article, I am quite positive about this.

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