How Vedic Astrology is Connected With Yoga

Hinduism is not just a religion that talks about heaven and hell, Gods and devils, it is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a thought, and a way of life. In fact, Hinduism is a collection of various ideas and concepts that include religion, spirituality, philosophy, astrology, astronomy, yoga, exercise, meditation, etc. In this post, we are going to discuss how Yoga connects with Hindu Astrology, or Vedic Astrology so to speak. We will also discuss some important yoga exercises for holistic healing.

Hindu belief system has various branches and Jyotish is one of them. Jyotish is literally translated as astrology, however, the Jyotish branch of the Hindu belief system includes astronomy as well as astrology. While the astronomical part of Jyotish is referred to as Ganit Jyotish (or mathematical astrology) and the astrology part of Jyotish is referred to as predictive astrology (because it can predicts happenings in a human’s life). Ganit Jyotish is purely astronomical science that analyzes celestial happenings (eclipse for instance), weather, etc. whereas predictive astrology analyzes how planets and stars influence human beings. Hindu Astrology is usually referred to as Vedic astrology. Even though Vedic Astrology says your life is predetermined according to the position of planets at the time of birth, there are various astro solutions that can help you strengthen the planets to create favorable effects, Vedic astrology also ascribes various astrological solutions to lessen the bad effects created by planetary cycles.

Mathematical Astrology and Predictive Astrology

Generally speaking, there are two branches of Vedic Astrology, which is referred to as Vedanga Jyotish in the Vedas. The two branches of Vedic Astrology or Vedanga Jyotish are:

  • Ganit Jyotish or Mathematical Astrology
  • Falit Jyotish or Predictive Astrology

Mathematical Astrology is basically mathematical calculations of the movement and positions of planets (grahas) and stars (nakshatra). This branch of Vedic Astrology is by and large used to timekeeping and celestial movements. Panchangam, or Hindu Almanac, is calculated on the basis of Mathematical Astrology. Mathematical astrology is primarily Astronomy that studies planets, stars, and celestial happenings.

Predictive Astrology is a branch of Vedic Astrology that is primarily used to interpret and predict the affects of planets and starts in the human beings life. Readings of Hindu Birth chart, also called janma kundali or natal chart, is based on Predictive Astrology.

Mathematical Astrology deals with celestial events (for example, it can determine exact time and date of eclipse) where as Predictive Astrology deals with the readings and interpretations of the events and happenings in peoples’ lives based on the position of planets at the time of the birth, the movement of planets (called gochara or transit) during one’s life, and aspects of planet (called dristhi).

Yoga in Hinduism

The literal meaning of Yoga in Hinduism is the sum of two or more things. Hinduism describes two different types of yogas, viz:

  • Yoga is a physical and mental training for health, fitness, curing diseases, and spiritual gains
  • Yoga is a planetary combination of two or more planets that give favorable or unfavorable results in an individual life.

The first type of yoga is the physical, mental and emotional healing method, which was propounded by Hindu savant Patanjali. The second one is related to vedic Astrology. Patanjali Yoga proposes various body postures for wellbeing, wellness and enlightenment. Whereas the Yoga in Astrology tells about the happenings in an individual life. For example, yoga between Mars and Saturn will create unfavorable results in relationships, a combination of Venus and Jupiter will give you prosperity.

Yoga and Vedic Astrology

Hindu Astrology also proposes that performing Patanjali Yoga will also help you change the course of events brought to you by the planets. According to Hindu astrology, planets will give you favorable as well as unfavorable results in life. However, Hindu Astrology also suggests astrological remedies to change the course of events in your life through various means like worshiping planets, chanting mantras, performing rituals and performing yogas. Here are some popular Yogas suggested as astro solutions.


Pranayama is basically a breathing exercise. Patanjali, the founder of modern Yoga discipline in Hinduism, has proposed 8 major pranayama techniques. Among these 8 pranayama techniques, three are the main techniques: Bhasrika, Kapalbhati, and Anulom-Vilom. Bhasrika is deep breathing, Kapalbhati is exhaling air forcefully and Anulom-Vilom is inhaling air from one nostril and exhaling air from another nostril. In this section, we are going to describe how to do Anulom-Bilom as Vedic Astro Solution.

In order to benefit from Anulom-Bilom, you must first memorize Gayatri Mantra by heart.

Sit relaxed, close your eyes, make a circle by touching the root of thumb by the index finger, then close your left nostril by your thumb. Inhale deep breath through your right nostril. As you inhale deep breath, recite Gayatri Mantra mentally. It will take about 30 seconds to recite one complete mantra. Once the mantra is complete, close your right nostril with middle finger and ring finger, and exhale air through your left nostril. As you exhale air, recite Gayatri mantra mentally. Once you completely exhale air and complete reciting Gayatri, inhale air from the same nostril all the while reciting Gayatri Mantra. After completing Gayatri, close the left nostril with your thumb, lift your fingers from the right nostril and exhale completely. Then inhale from the same nostril all the while closing the other nostril and reciting the Gayatri. Continue inhaling and exhaling breath and reciting Gayatri for at least 20 minutes every day. This pranayama technique will help you not only cure various mental and physical diseases but also help the planets affect positively in your life.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a yoga technique that comprises of 12 yoga postures which is good for your mental health, physical health, and emotional health. Doing Surya Namaskar regularly not only regulates your hormone level but also improves your physiological process such as nervous system, circulatory system. endocrinology etc.

There are 12 different postures for Surya Namaskar, these 12 postures will exercise your entire body. The 12 postures in Surya Namaskar are performed while chanting 12 Surya Mantra. Surya or Sun God is an ancient Vedic deity, and Surya or Sun is also one of the 9 planets in Hindu Astrology. Therefore, by doing Surya Namaskar you will be worshiping Sun God and ask for Sun God’s blessing.

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